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CANADIAN LATINO NEWSPAPER es un periodico latino en dos idiomas, Ingles y español. El periodico esta destinado a la comunidad de Latina en Canada y su centro de distribución parte desde la ciudad de Calgary


This is community newspaper, en Ingles y nuestra lengua, the Newspaper everybody’s reading, Invest in your bussiness by Marketing in ours Newspaper, are in Print & on Line, el periodico que todos leen.

Cerca de 1.700 personas continúan evacuadas por las inundaciones en Argentina

It has been two weeks since 25% of the US government shut down due to a funding row over Donald Trump’s demands for $5bn funds for a wall on the southern border, and federal employees and contractors who can not go to work are feeling the impact.

More than 800,000 people across the country have been affected by the impasse, with some on unpaid leave, and others working without pay, but many calculating how to pay the bills and buy groceries as the shutdown stretches on indefinitely.

Canada's border agency makes 'unacceptable mistake'

A person of “national security concern” was granted permanent residency “due to a series of failures” by the Canadian border agency and immigration department.

In light of the incident both departments have had to introduce changes in what the public safety minister’s office is calling a “completely unacceptable” mistake.

The changes were outlined in a briefing note sent by Canada Border Services Agency president John Ossowski to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in early 2018 regarding the 2017 error.A heavily redacted copy ouadas por las inundaciones en Argentina